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I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a student in Akademi Laut Malaysia(ALAM). I took diploma in nautical studies(final year). The purpose i want to encourage more Malaysian into this industry is because we are currently lack of seafarer. Imagine, out of 6000 seafarers in malaysia, only 1000 are malaysians. The rest are foreigner.

So, I'll provide you a guide and help you with any doubt about route towards becoming seafarer and the education you need.

First of all, what is seafarer?

-Seafarer is a person who carries various duties onboard ships. They will sail with the ship in order to transport goods that the customer want us to deliver.

-Btw, I'm just a student. And I only familiar with Marine Engineering and Nautical Course. Diploma of course. But if you have any doubts about this career. You can ask here. I'll try my best to answer it.

Where can I study the courses?

Right now, in Malaysia, there are three institutions of higher learning that provide sea-going course. Bare in mind that not all maritime related courses can ensure you to go sailing thus ensuring you to get the big bucks.

For example, in UMT, there are course called Degree in Nautical Studies & Maritime Management. They cannot sail as an officer unless they go for the cadetship practical onboard a ship.

Thats all, now I'll proceed into the institution part. There are few places to studies to prepare oneself to become sea-going officer/engineer.

1) Akademi Laut Malaysia(ALAM)
-Diploma in Marine Engineering(DNS)
-Diploma in Nautical Studies(DME)
-Marine Engineering Bridging Program(MEBP)*

2)Politeknik Ungku Omar
-Diploma in Marine Engineering

3)Sarawak Maritime Academy
-not sure about this. since they're just open this year

*for the Marine Engineering Bridging Program, the program just started this year. The cadets sponsored for this course are engineering related degree graduates. They are sponsored by MISC. If you miss the chance to apply during post-spm, but still want to pursue career onboard ship. You can apply this course. Btw, I'm not sure how to apply for it. But you can ask here and I can ask the bridging student about it.

Benefits of becoming a SEAFARER

1) Rewarding career. Cheapest pay is around rm7500 for fresh graduates of diploma. Imagine that. In my place of study, there were also company headhunting by offering salary of USD4800 for fresh diploma grads.

2) Experience gained make it easier for you to apply job on oil platform since you have an offshore working experience.

3) can save a lot of money. onboard ship, no need car. no need to pay rental for accommodation. free meal(every week can eat western). no need money to go to gym. onboard ship, gym is provided. got tv, some ship have internet facilities(also free). some got pool/snooker table.

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Oh, how I wish ladies are allowed to be a seafarer :X

i got the scholarship in alam under AET sponsorship.. and im a girl..huhuh..but,im still wondering if there any onshore job available since i want to be in DME but one of the captain from AET told me dat im not suitable to be in DME. so he suggest me to be in DNS. now,i dont know what i gonna to work if im onshore.. can u list out or suggest me jobs available onshore for DNS student like me?...

askm...saye pelajar SPM taun 2010..lepas result SPm keluar.saye nak cube mintak belajar kat ALAM..tapi basic nak masuk ALAM mcm mana ek??.tolong la..saye tol2 minat nak masuk..

sy hazim dari jb..
apa syarat minimun bg lepasan SPM untuk kemasukan ke akademi laut ini????

@saba eva.
because u r the girls that why the captain suggest u to go DNS.because it is more easy.and well paid than DME. For ur information there is no job offshore that take DNS student.

u can directly go to ALAM website..just google it.
it is still standard requirements la..

bro. mintak tolong . how to apply kapal malaysia ea?..i pernah dgn PTSB LNG bintulu. lama dah stop keje kapal. skrg malaysia kat darat teruk ar. SUggest company malaysia yg ambik pekerja..ada keje GP catering or galley pun jadi ar. takde rank pun takpe..thanks in advance.

seem macam kene ada cable je nak dapat keje kapal ni. dulu i sponsored ALAM by petronas dayabumi 1997. pls bro. tq

My son got ALAM through MARA Loan... what happen if he fails.... will he be dismissed from ALAM and the Loan Repayment cam ne...

kak Azizah, boleh saya tau, anak akak amek kursus MEBP ke di ALAM melalui pinjaman MARA?

salam..susah nak ade vacant kt kapal2 skarang ni..byk amik pelaut asing..cuba tgk kt mna2 web/forum/facebook..brp ramai graduate marine yg tunggu vacant kt kapal..dlm kapal sy skarang ni pn ada 3 org je melayu,yg lain filipin/indon etc.

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