they came, they saw & they shoot!

this is the episode of me in drydock pasir gudang.. life is challenging for first timer at DD.. amidst all that, the faces of love ones make that all go away bagai angin tiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa.. well nak berkias la pulak.. anyway arrived in johor at 140609.. the next day shifted to wet dock at around 1830hrs.. snr vogue & amiruddin were onboard as the trainee pilots! haha terase dah makin tue la plak tgk diorng! huk..this is on the way to mmhe pasir gudang..ladies and gentlemen, as u can see..on your starboard side is malaysia and on your port side is singapore..our journey will be taking around 2 hours so u may take photos along the way..thanku..we arrived at WET dock around 2130..kt wet dock nye gambar ade kat camera drumah la..nnt saja on 24th june onwards we all have been waiting for..the fun DRY dock..different you know wet and dry..wanna know what..yg basah atas air la & yg kering takdak air la..the very beautiful la dgn lampu2 sebenarnye tak la sgt..kotor je lebeyh..boleyh aje mase duty sibuk amik gamba..this is with cmate's wife..kak was 0100 this moment & we have been stand by from 2030 but pilot only came up at ponat tau!org dh le kene tunggu dock tu diisi air & dikeringkn lps tu..anyhow this is when the ship is already inside the dry docking place..but this picture still got after around 4-5 hours of wetting to be dried up..result = tada!! u can see the bottom! u can touch the bottom! u can play underneath the bottom! *?*
see me! sy berase diri sy sgt kerdil! *kecik la sgt :P*so these are some photos from puteri firus satu drydock 2009..hope i've gained alot from here & others too..

abah, mama, atuk, ina, hijaz thanku for coming dr jauh & sibuk2 tu..rindu sy terubat!hehe takpe lg sebulan lebeyh mak ngah, pak mat time kasih sbb datang & utk kereta!!mak long, pak long time kasih for the weekends! really appreciate it all!!

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