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Visi utama blog ini diwujudkan bagi menghubungkan semua pelaut-pelaut di Malaysia di bawah satu medium online. Misi kami untuk menyampaikan maklumat terkini tentang dunia pelaut, dalam dan luar negara, berkongsi apa sahaja info berkaitan kehidupan pelaut terutamanya kepada orang ramai bagi membuka mata mereka tentang kerjaya yang dianggap mencabar ini.

Sektor perkapalan penggerak ekonomi dunia

Tahukan anda perkapalan merupakan sektor paling penting bagi sesebuah negara. Hampir 90% daripada perpindahan cargo dari sebuah negara kenegara yang lain menggunakan kapal. Walaupun kerjaya kapal tidak popular di kalangan rakyat Malaysia, tetapi sektor perkapalan merupakan nadi ekonomi utama bagi Malaysia.

Akademi Laut Malaysia atau lebih dikenali sebagai ALAM

Di Malaysia sekrang terdapat banyak pusat latihan perkapalan antaranya ALAM, RANACO,PELITA dan banyak lagi. ALAM atau Akademi Laut Malaysia merupakan pusat latihan perkapalan yang pertama di Malaysia. Disini pada mulanya anak-anak Malaysia memulakan kerjaya sebagai seorang penakluk samudra yang berjaya.



date - 19 August 2010
author - ex-seafarer

What is Ranaco

is one of Maritime Academy is located at Kemaman, Terengganu. Ranaco is another alternative to ALAM for those interested become a seafarer or working in offshore or engineering field. Have been 25 years experience in maritime industry, ranaco aims to provide a learning environment that meets industry needs ans requirements with qualified and highly skilled of lectures and students.

Courses available

Diploma courses
  • Diploma in Accountancy with LCCI
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Integrated Risk Management System
  • Diploma in Logistic & Supply Chain
  • Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Diploma in Maritime Management
  • Diploma in Marine Cargo Surveying
  • Diploma in Marine Technology Engineering

Vocational Courses

  • General purpose rating
  • Engine rating course
  • Pipe gas insulation
  • Fiberglass boat builder
  • Safety & healthy supervisor
  • Rousabout
  • Helsman
  • Engineer officer
  • Marine mechanic
  • Deck rating course

Computer based traning
  • Marine Navigation
  • Cargo Handling and Stowage
  • Controlling Operation of Ship and Care for Persons On board
  • Marine Engineering
  • Electrical, Electronic and Engineering
  • Miscellaneous Language Training
  • Miscellaneous Soft Skills Training

RITC short course

Why to choose Ranaco

  • The IPTS that offer programme which link and match with the industries
  • Excellent job prospect within prospect career
  • Lowest fee and flexible payment
  • Have more 400 companies support our programme
  • Financial assistance provided (MARA, PTPTN, etc)

More info :-

No. HS(M) 5321 PT4568,
P.O.Box 63,
Kawasan Perindustrian Jakar II,
24000 Kemaman, Terengganu

What is celestial navigation

sextant is an important navigation aid

This classic method of navigation, used most commonly in the open sea, the navigator uses celestial bodies that have been identified and grouped into constellations since ancient times. Celestial navigation makes possible voyages across thousands of miles of unmarked water, but its one great limitation is that poor visibility, caused by clouds, fog, rain, snow, mist, or haze, may prevent the essential sightings of celestial bodies.

A coordinate system of positions similar to the earth's coordinates of latitude and longitude has been adopted to describe the position of heavenly bodies. This system consists of Declination, which corresponds to terrestrial latitude, and Hour Angle, which corresponds to terrestrial longitude. For practical purposes of navigation, the position of stars relative to one another is regarded as fixed in the classical sphere; the motion of the sun, the moon, and the planets is indicated in this system as a mean rate of progression across the sphere.

The principal maritime nations publish yearly Nautical Almanacs that tabulate the coordinates of celestial bodies used in navigation at any particular time. The tables also provide other pertinent astronomical information.

To use the nautical almanac, the navigator must establish the time of an observation accurately by means of the chronometer. The Measurement of Time is based on the rotation of the earth and the consequent imaginary rotation of celestial bodies around the earth. In navigation, the primary system of time is based on the apparent movement of the sun westward at 15° of longitude per hr. Thus, a time difference is established between two places on the surface of the earth based on their difference of longitude. The longitude of New York City, for example, is roughly 75° West and that of Greenwich, England, is 0°. New York is therefore 5 hours to the west of Greenwich.

The navigational triangle, or Astronomical Triangle, which constitutes the most important part of celestial navigation, is a spherical triangle, the three points of which represent the position of the observer, the geographical position of the celestial body, and the earth's pole that is nearest to the observer. The solution of such a triangle provides the basis for the derivation of an astronomical line of position. Spherical Trigonometry was formerly required to solve such a problem, but this triangle can today be solved simply by using the nautical almanac in conjunction with one of several short tabular methods. The tabular methods include precomputed solutions of the astronomical triangle to accommodate any position of the observer and any celestial body observed.

In the most modern approach to celestial navigation, the Circle of Equal Altitude and the astronomical position line are used in conjunction with the solution of the navigational triangle. The circle of equal altitude is a circle on the surface of the earth, and at every point on this circle the altitude of a given celestial body is the same at a given instant.


Loving sailor

Dedicate to all seafarer, seaman, sailor.......

Loving a sailor is a high price to pay; Loving him truly is hard when he is Away. Its being alone with nothing to Hold; its being young, but feeling so Old. It's having him whisper his love for you; It's whispering back you love him too. There comes a kiss & a promise for more;

akademi laut malaysia -seafarer love

As his ship slowly glides away from the Shore. Reluctantly,painfully, letting him Go; While your insides are dying from wanting him So. Watching him leave with eyes full of Tears; Stand alone with your hopes, dreams & Fears. It's sending a letter with the stamp upside Down; to a far away love in a far away Town.

It's going to kneel & pray; & really meaning the things you say. Being in love will faster your dreams, of that far-away
sailor your mind fairly beams. Days go by, no mail for a Spell, You wait for some word to hear that he 's Well. Then a letter arrives, and you've given in to open his letter & read it with a Grin.

Yes, he is well & misses you So & filled with the love you wanted to Know. Weeks are like months, & months are like Years; You wait for the day when you'll have no more Fears. Days go by slowly, how many have Passed; then suddenly you realize its here at Last. Yes, Loving a sailor bitterness and fears; loneliness, sadness & despondent years.

Loving a sailor isn't much Fun; But it's worth the price when the battle is won. And remember he is thinking of you Everyday; he's sad and he's lonely while so far Away. So love him & miss him & hold your head High; Be strong & have faith, wipe that tear from your Eye. Your mans a seafarer, like that old ancient Trader; It's a high price you pay for Loving A Sailor.....

Introduction to an enclosed space

  • Any space that has been closed and unventilated for some time
  • Any space contaminated by cargo or leaking through a bulkhead, pipeline or cargo residues in the cargo pump.
  • Any space because of cargo carried contained harmful gases

- should always suspected in an enclosed space that cargo residues may remain on the internal surface of the tank even after cleaning and ventilation.

  • Any space which may be deficient in oxygen

- should always suspected in all an enclosed space particularly if they have contained water, have subjected to damp, or connected with other inerted tank

ballast tank

cargo tank

Example of an enclosed space onboard

  • Ballast tank
  • Cargo tank
  • Cofferdam
  • Double bottom
  • Fuel oil tank, etc.

Many fatalities onboard tankers have resulted from entering the space without proper supervision. And in almost every cases the fatality would have been avoided if the guidance had been followed.

Atmosphere test prior to entry an enclosed space

- Any decision to enter should only be taken after the atmosphere has been tested from outside with test equipment that has recently been calibrated and checked for correct operation.

-Essential that all atmosphere testing equipment used are;

  • Suitable for test required
  • An approved type
  • Correctly maintained
  • Frequently checked against standard sample

- Maintenance work and calibration test, period of the validity should be record

- Testing carried out only by personnel who have been trained in the use of the equipment in other word competent person.

-Enclosed space should not be entered without correct authorization from ship master or officer in charge. As per CSWP entry should made under a ‘permit to work’ system or monitored by a safety checklist


Kekayaan sultan Brunei

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunai ... Pemimpin terkaya didunia, Popular, disanjung, ...menggunakan emas dalam segalanya. Siapa sangka sehingga sudu untuk makan pun dari emas.
Berpakaian yang disulami emas dan perak. Berikut nanti adalah beberapa gambar kawasan milik beliau ... Tebesar dan termewah diseluruh dunia... Memiliki 1788 bilik dengan sentuhan emas dan berlian-termasuk 257 bilik air yang juga di saluti emas dan perak. Garaj kereta yang dipenuhi dengan 110 biji kereta, Kawasan yang memiliki 650 suites ... setiap kemasan dan perabut berharga tidak kurang daripada EUR 150,000 Pengunjung memerlukan 24 jam jika hanya ingain melawat setiap bilik dan kawasan dalam masa 30 saat setiap satu kawasan.

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Kapal terbang kepunyaan Sultan Brunei's.Adalah pengangkutan udara yang paling mewah didunia, bukan sekadar menggunakan Boeing 747 tetapi pengubah suaianya, yang menelan belanja sehingga USD 120,000,000.00.Untuk tambahan-Bilik air dan takungan airnya adalah sepenuhnya emas, dan baginda juga memiliki beberapa pengangkutan udara kecil yang lain termasuk 2 buah helikopter.

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Salah satu kereta Sultan BruneiAtas permintaan istimewa dari Sultan Brunai, Rolls Royce company telah menggabungkan kereta mereka dengan Porsche. Kenderaan ini sekarang berada di London dan akan digunakan oleh Baginda ketika baginda berada di England.

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Ketika Puteri Sultan BruneiBerkahwin,Hari yang bersejarah ini berlanjutan sehingga selama 14 hari berturut-turut, yang menelan belanja keseluruhannya USD5,000,000.00, dihadiri lebh dari 25 ketua setiap negara dan juga saudara terdekat.
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Kereta sultan Brunai yang disatuli emas tulen

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Puteri Sultan memakai mahkota dari permata dan diletakkan bunga kecil diatasnya yang di penuhi dengan permata. Juga mengenakan subang, dan serbuk berlian dimukanya.

Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Harga Petrol, Diesel, Gula Dan Gas Naik

source : Malaysiakini
date : 16 July 2010

Harga petrol, diesel, gula dan Petroleum Gas Cecair (LPG) naik berkuatkuasa mulai tengah malam ini.

Petrol RON 95 dan diesel naik 5 sen. RON97 tidak lagi diberikan subsidi. Ia tertakluk kepada apungan secara terkawal, dengan harga ditentukan oleh mekanisme harga automatik, berikutan penyelarasan harga subsidi yang diumumkan kerajaan hari ini.

Tidak jelas berapa kenaikan harga RON 97. Tetapi difahamkan harganya naik 5 sen dan akan diselaraskan seterusnya kemudian.

Manakala harga gula pula naik 25 sen kepada RM1.90, dengan gas LPG naik sebanyak 10 sen sekilogram

Kenaikan harga barangan berkenaan diumumkan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dalam satu pengumuman malam ini.

Menurut perdana menteri, penyelarasan semula harga barangan tersebut akan membolehkan kerajaan mengurangkan perbelanjaannya melebihi RM750 juta untuk tahun ini.

Ia merupakan langkah pertama program rasionalisasi subsidi secara berperingkat-peringkat mulai esok.

Bagaimanapun, tambanya, kerajaan masih membelanjakan kira-kira RM7.82 bilion untuk subsidi bahan api dan gula pada 2010.

Harga bahan api dan gula di Malaysia, tegas Najib, masih antara yang terendah di rantau ini.

Berikut adalah harga baru:

* Petrol RON 95 – RM1.85 seliter.
* Diesel – RM1.75 seliter.
* Gula – RM1.70 sekilogram
* Gas LPG – RM1.85 sekilogram

Berikut adalah harga baru gas:

* Tong 14KG – dari RM24.50 kepada RM25.90 (naik RM1.40)

* Tong 12KG – dari RM21.00 kepada RM22.20 (naik RM1.20)

* Tong 10KG – dari RM17.50 kepada RM18.50 (naik RM1.00)

Sementara itu, Berita Harian online memetik Perdana Menteri,Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sebagai berkata, kerajaan perlu mengurangkan subsidi bagi menjimatkn perbelanjaan kerajaan dan mengurangkan defisit fiskal supaya pasaran dunia dan dalaman lebih yakin dengan kekuatan ekonomi negara.

Najib berkata demikian selepas merasmikan Mesyuarat Perwakilan Umno bahagian Kuala Kedah di Alor Star, petang ini.

Beliau yang juga menteri kewangan berkata, penjimatan perbelanjaan itu juga akan digunakan untuk pembangunan negara yang akhirnya memberi faedah kepada rakyat.

Beliau turut memberi jaminan pengurangan subsidi akan dibuat secara minimum supaya tidak membebankan rakyat.

Pada 27 Mei lalu, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Idris Jala dilaporkan berkata, Malaysia akan muflis pada 2019 jika kerajaan tidak memotong subsidi dan bergantung kepada pinjaman.

Katanya, hutang Malaysia akan meningkat kepada 100 peratus daripada GDP pada 2019 d- daripada 54 peratus sekarang jika subsidi tidak dipotong.

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