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Sektor perkapalan penggerak ekonomi dunia

Tahukan anda perkapalan merupakan sektor paling penting bagi sesebuah negara. Hampir 90% daripada perpindahan cargo dari sebuah negara kenegara yang lain menggunakan kapal. Walaupun kerjaya kapal tidak popular di kalangan rakyat Malaysia, tetapi sektor perkapalan merupakan nadi ekonomi utama bagi Malaysia.

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Ray ban Selling at Rayban Malaysia

date : 10 Mei 2010
authour : ex-seafarer

Ray-ban is world the most wanted sunglasses brand, all people desire to have one Ray ban for  their collection since Ray ban give the 'satisfaction' for wearer. I also among of million Ray-ban fans, now i got almost 5 pieces of Ray ban sunglasses in my collection. Just a few days ago, i just bought 2 pieces Ray ban at Ray ban Malaysia. Since this is my first time i bought via online i will share to you my piece of experience=)

My previous Ray ban in my collection all is an Original Ray ban. So this is my first time i bought grade A Ray-ban from Abang Chik (i call him Abang Chik Ray ban Malaysia)

I also scare at first to buy replica high grade, but Abang Chik convince me that there is no problem since the Sunglass Ray ban he sell is not like pasar malam or uptown, which is low quality and its lens made from plastic make you feel dizziness while wearing them. Although just deal through phone, im feel very confident to buy from him since he good knowledge explain the product he sell and provide me a lot of info regarding Ray ban Sunglasses=)

Just only after 2 days order, i got the parcel, very shock because very fast process. He told me all is in ready stock not pre-order that means dealing with Abang Chik Ray ban you will get your item very fast!!! When open the parcel (contain sunglass Ray ban i order), i feel very very very very HAPPY because Ray ban i order compared with my Original Ray ban is 99% like same!!!!!!!! Wow i just spend RM90 to get Ray ban likely same quality with Ray ban at price RM600!!! Seriously amazing, 'why spend more if you can get less'=) 

I also show to my friend and they also cannot identified my Ray ban i bought from Abang Chik is high grade quality only, they say "This original Ray ban bro". I just laugh inside, just smile to them. Thanks one more time Ray ban Malaysia Abang Chik.

Since on that days, i also update Abang Chik blogshop to see latest model he sell, and surely i will grab one if the model i desire, 100% i satisfied until now. Now i became Abang Chik friend and his regular customer.

So here i list down some important point to Sunglasses Ray ban die hard fans and Kaki-kaki Ray ban Malaysia :- 

  • Want to buy new quality high grade Ray ban at lowest price? Just to try shopping at Abang Chik's Ray ban store.
  • You need some advise, tips about Ray ban? Just Ask Abang Chik, he will try help you to answer since he got a lot of experience and he also Kaki Ray ban.
  •  Want to see more than 100 Ray ban model and latest one? Just browse Abang Chik's Ray ban blogshop.



    At Ray ban Malaysia you can make a choice buying high grade quality Ray ban with high grade 99% like the Original Ray ban!!! Dont believe me until you get your own Ray ban ordered from Abang Chik=)


    One more thing i would like to share that all picture product you see at Ray ban Malaysia store, is what you see and you will get. Not like some seller just copy from the other seller picture, and also bear in mind that also some seller they advertise the good picture but poor product!! I believe Abang Chik use his own picture, thus mean all his product same as the picture he show. Nice=)

     Ray ban Aviator is very populor among Kaki Ray ban Malaysia

    Here i listing of all Ray ban selling at Rayban Malaysia:-

    1)ray ban wayfarer 2140
    2) ray ban wayfarer folding
    3)ray ban aviator chromax
    4)ray ban outdoorsman
    5)ray ban shooter
    6)ray ban new model (number)
    7)ray ban caravan
    8)ray ban diamond hard
    9)ray ban flight extreme
    10)ray ban warrior
    11) ray ban B&L USA wing.
    (many more)

    Make a wise choice. I dont say all sunglasses shop sell high fake ray ban, but some of them are!! My friends working at sunglasses shop also told me  Ray ban boutique and sunglasses shop there also sell the fake one but declare as original Ray ban.  They sell high grade quality Ray ban is high price. So beware...dont be their listing victim.

    P/s - My favourite Ray ban is a rayban wayfarer 2140 =)

    **My credit to Abang Chik, since he is very nice and helpful seller giving very best service to  me, personally i very appreciate to him. Since i satisfied with his product, i help Abang Chik to give him free review to this blog. Recommended, trusted,helpful seller Abang Chik Ray ban!!

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