WKO less 500GT NC

Officer in charge of navigational watch of less than 500GT Near-coastal Trade Voyages (Reg. II/3)

This grade is a good choice for Malaysian if they are not qualified to enroll in the WKO-Unlimited courses.

1) Course to be attended

  • WKO Less 500GT Near Coastal
  • Gen. Operator’s Certificate (GMDSS-GOC)
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities
  • Efficiency in Survival Craft Certificate
  • Medical First Aid

2) Sea time – 36 Month sea time on any rank

  • You are to show document proof of your service onboard that is the discharge book.

3) Apply for Oral Examination to Marine Department & Passed

  • Before you are qualified for this exam, you are to submit you written examination slip to Marine Department during your application. You cannot attend this exam if you are still undergoing your course or you failed in your written examination.

4) Apply for Certificate of Competency to Marine Department

  • If before this you are holding Master Domestic Certificate, do not forget to apply for endorsement in the new Certificate to be issued. If I’ am not mistaken in the online application you need to click at the small box which gives you choice to choose.
  • If you forgot to click, the old grade won’t be endorse in you new certificate.

Certificate of Competency Issued:

COC Grade:

  • Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch of less than 500GT Near Coastal Trade Voyages

Capacity & Limitation:

  • Watchkeeping Deck Officer - Less than 500GT Near Coastal Voyage

5) Apply for Endorsement of Certificate of Competency to Marine Department

  • There is no endorsement for this grade

"Maklumat dalam paparan ini adalah sebagai rujukan dan tidak boleh digunakan sebagai dasar kelulusan, untuk kepastian sila rujuk kepada Jabatan Laut"

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