How to apply Certificate of Competency Online ?

In 2009, Marine Department has upgraded its system from conventional to online-internet services. I wonder how much the government had spent for this. But, I do believe that it is because the important of this new technology that definitely improve the government services that they decided to.

Earlier, when it was first introduced (somewhere in May 2009) many folks feels inconvenience of its existence. Then, in August 2009 it was officially launched. Perhaps because its implementation is to rapid, the maritime people are unprepared and like normal people do, they complaints.

After few months as the system grows people are slowly accepting it and slowly using it to their benefits. They starts to click the address and probably clicking it daily, anywhere and anytime.

Now you can apply your Certificate Of Competency from you house, office or cyber cafe anywhere, anytime.... as long you have the tools and internet-line. Follow the steps below on how to apply COC online:


3. Next, chose a port office i.e 'Port Klang' (now here is where you will go for making payment and collection of your COC) Remember, if you wish to pay there and want to collect at different port office, you may do so by choosing the Port Office of you selection during application.

4. On the Menu area, click Certificate of Competency.

5. Enter your Seafarer Number in the BOX. There are two boxes there, for new application you only need to enter the seafarer number. For renewal or replacement of COC you need to enter both the seafarer number and the certificate number. Click NEXT

6. On that page - COC Registration, fill in the info in the boxes especially the one with ' * '.

6.1 Seafarer Information - complete the information, remember to provide your contact number. because if you didn't there is no-way for the department to find you if your application have any problem.

6.2 New COC Information - chose the grade you want to apply.

6.3 Special Training Certificate Endorsement - this part you must be conscious, if you have any of the listed certificate, click in the SMALL BOX on the left and type the certificate number on the right. For ROC and GOC it is required to provide the expiry date of that certificate. Now, this will save you money. Why? Do not forget that one endorsement will cost you RM20.00. But, if you apply at this time, consider the government give you as complementary services.

6.4 Then, complete the rest of it. It so simple.

7. Online application slip - print it and keep it. Use the slip as reference and proof of your application when making payment at port office.

That's it for now.... and have a good day

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