List of Maritime Academy in Malaysia

  • Private [Sastra Maritime Academy - Sibu Sarawak. 6016 888 0722] website link to Sastra
  • Private Maritime Academy of Malaysia (ALAM) - Maritime Academy of Malaysia Malacca & Terengganu
  • Private Sribima Maritime Training Centre (SMTC)
  • Private [University Industry of Selangor, Shah Alam - MBA in Maritime Logistic]
  • Private [University of Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Marine Engineering Institute, Lumut - Naval Architecture,Shipbuilding & Design, Subsea Engineering]
  • Governmental Fisheries Research Institute
  • Governmental [Ungku Omar Polytechnic, Ipoh (Malaysia)- Department of Marine Engineering]
  • Governmental [University Malaysia Terengganu - Marine Sciences, Maritime Management]
  • Governmental [University Malaysia Sarawak - Marine Sciences]
  • Governmental [University Malaysia Sabah - Marine Sciences]
  • Governmental [National University of Malaysia - Marine Sciences]
  • Governmental [University Putra Malaysia - Marine Sciences]
  • Governmental [University of National Defence Malaysia - Lumut Naval Base - Naval Cadet Training Center]
  • Governmental [University of Technology Malaysia, Skudai - Faculty of Marine Engineering]
  • Governmental [University of Technology Malaysia, Skudai - School of Naval Architecture]
  • Governmental [University of Sciences Malaysia, Penang - Faculty of Mechanical / Marine Engineering]
  • Governmental [University of Sciences Malaysia, Penang - Muka Head Ocenographic Institute]
  • Governmental [MARA University of Technology, Shah Alam - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - School of Marine Engineering]
  • Governmental [TATI University College, Terengganu - School of Marine Technology]
  • RANACO Education And Training Institute
  • Sarawak Maritime Academy, Sibu, Sarawak (

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good day =)
in UMT we have faculty of maritime study and marine science..we got degree for Marine Sciences, marine biology, Maritime Management, maritime technology and nautical science. just recently nautical science has approved to become cadet and they can go for a free voyage for 6 months after graduation if im not mistaken..i intend to search about that actually but i thought im telling those who are interested of taking marine or maritime degree in UMT..hope they (nautica cadet)can help us reduce the cash outflow and help malaysia maritime industry..ameen

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