Information for Cadets DNS 11 and DME 25

A.     Incomplete Sea Time
  1. Cadets who have done sea time between 10 to 12 months are allowed to proceed to Semester 5. They may continue their sea time during Semester 5 break or after Semester 6.
  2. Cadets who  have done less than 10 months sea time, they are required to continue with their ship berth phase. They may register for Semester 5 in April 2011, PROVIDED that they have completed the required sea time by then. If they still have not completed their sea time by April 2011, then they are to continue with their sea time and may register for Semester 5 in December 2011.

B.      New Reporting Date for Semester 5 (DNS 11 and DME 25)
  • For Cadets who have completed their sea time and those who fall under category A1 above, their reporting date for Semester 5 has been postponed from 26th December 2010 to 2nd January 2011. This decision was made for the convenience of the Cadets and they must report on 2nd January 2011 for an Induction course.

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