Day 1 - I report at the registry around 2 ++pm N parents are not allow to stay in alam .. You know why ? coz HELL BEGIN !!! The instructor begin with a welcome speech ' good morning to gentlement welcome to alam .. we are about to start our insduction week ..ALL CADETS FRONT SUPPORT POSITION DOWN !!! ' that time i was BLUR ... how come they ask us push up ? i dont even know what is the TRUE meaning of INDUCTION .. that day i did 50 push up 50 sit up with my formal suit .. =.='

Day 2 - we are devided to few group ..today my group is doing SEA activities..everyone is so excited to go to sea...but everyone didnt know is FULL 1 WEEK HELL .. thought it was just 1 day .. one by one we are 'send' into the deep blue sea ..hahha ... we float on the sea for around half an hour .. i cant stand it ..seasick !!! 1500hrs-1600hrs under the hot sun marching .. i think this is the 1st time i march .. haha .. since high school im so ANTI marching .. is like 1 group of robot walking on the tar road .. lol.. 2000hrs tonight we have activites at auditorium .. they ask us to wear formal ..everyone was thinking tonight will be any briefing or what .. but end up the same .. HELL .. ish ~~~ everyone have a task to endure a POST .... im doing shaolin post .. left leg up . .. right hand holding a rod endure for 15 minute . 0100 hrs end.

Day 3 - I cant remember much for today .. but we are wearing yesterday WET CLOTH .. 1300 hrs start marching again .. my skin starts to burn .. few of them faint ... lol

DAY 4 (climax) - 1400 we proceed to port dickson taman reakrasi ... we are asked to build our own camp .. make wooden rack.. and a place to sleep ... after sunset SUPER HELL BEGIN !! activity start around 2200 hrs group2 will go for jungle tracking 1st .. everything is so dark !! i cant even see the person infront of me ..everyone is holding shoulder to shoulder..one stupid guy in my group on his own torch light and because of that we get push up inside the forest .. =.=' Next .. we become SEA TURTLE !! .. we must crawl from a muddy seaside into da sea den sleep there for 15 minute N rolling at the sea N put our head inside the salty sea water DEN only we can come up .. that time was 0030hrs .. very strong wind .. dam cold .. After that blind folded jungle tracking .. im the leader for this blind folded thingy.. our guide is 1 rope and along the rope there is few check point .. each check point there is few bottle .. small and big bottle .. one of the check point got 2 big bottle .. there is the place that i need to go ... ( im still wearing the muddy wet salty dirty cloth ) THE MOST INTRESTING PART ... For tonight our bed is TAR ROAD wahaha... all those activities end at 0245.. without any blanket or leaf .. we sleep on the tar road with our soaked cloth !!! dam #$*#(* cold !!! shivering too death weh ~~ and we are not allow to bath although there is a toilet ..

DAY 5 - imagine yesterday we sleep at 0245 .. today must wake up at 0630 and hell will get worst ... today we will be doing LONG LONG distance jungle tracking ,there is from PD to ALAM (PD to melaka) .. STEAM !!! there are many thing happen along the journey .. lazy wanna write but the journey took us 3 hours of jungle tracking N 1 hour of TAR ROAD walking .. this is what i astimate the less and we are walking under the sun .. i can just pill skin from my head .. can u imagine how serious is the sunburn? THIS IS NOT OVER YET !! b4 we go for our jungle tracking each of us receive a biscuit for us to 'protect' but end up i break it .. =.=' .. the punishment is .. 500 of physical traning exercise( i.e push up,sit up,star jump,squad jump,duck walk and so on) ... i cant feel my hand and leg and yet the hell is not over yet(still with my dirty smelly salty cloth) .. everyone must rolling from our hostel to the entrance of ALAM .. is around 50 meter i think .. is like going cockscrew for 100 of times .. lol.. DIZZY PEKAT !! every end at 0200hrs

DAY 6 (slow down) - to be continue

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so scared!!! like hell..... iwanna go to the interview.... but, if u tell like this, i cancel my interview lah.... hahahhha

wat the hell?? so real crazy laa.. im gonna go for induction on 16 may 2010. it is for 2 week induction programme. gonna die.. really die.. if u r a guy saying all this like hell, how im a girl gonna stand for it..? haiyaa

really amazing those training sessions.. good for soldiers who will protect this country.. huhu

Amir Firdaus : ALAM is not related to military, ALAM is nerve center for maritime career. They will serve onboard merchant ship.

har.....f like this i won't allow my brother to go to alam...its scary

if borneo ppl...wil d interview be held at borneo too or we need to go to west Malaysia?

waaaaaa... that's amazing experienced pal.

will any of the induction participants be disqualified or what from pursuing their further study at ALAM?

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