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Reliability, safety, on-time deliveries. These are the guiding principles by which MISC has built its solid reputation among its customers. As Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) increasingly takes pole position as the fuel of the future, MISC is well positioned to ride the crest with confidence, supported by these impressive statistics:
  • With a fleet of 29 LNG tankers, MISC is the world's single largest owner operator of LNG tankers.
  • MISC is the world's first LNG shipping company to offer full operational flexibility with 2 port discharges and partial deliveries.
  • MISC extends assistance to charterers/customers in the design and commissioning of receiving terminals. The Company has thus far successfully assisted in the commissioning of 7 LNG import terminals and 1 LNG export terminal.
  • MISC has made more than 5000 safe and timely LNG deliveries amounting to some 274 million tonne of LNG since its first shipment to Japan in 1983.


1 Seri Balqis 2009 91,201 157,720

2 Seri Balhaf 2008 72700 157000

3 Seri Bijaksana 2008 89,953 152,300

4 Seri Begawan 2007 86,040 152,300

5 Seri Bakti 2007 86,040 152,300

6 Seri Ayu 2007 83,404 145,000

7 Seri Angkasa 2007 83,404 145,130

8 Seri Anggun 2006 86,396 145,000

9 Seri Amanah 2006 83,400 145,572

10 Seri Alam 2005 83,482 145,572

11 Puteri Mutiara Satu 2005 66,400 137,100

12 Puteri Firus Satu 2004 76,110 137,100

13 Puteri Zamrud Satu 2004 76,110 137,100

14 Puteri Nilam Satu 2003 76,110 137,100

15 Puteri Delima Satu 2002 76,110 137,100

16 Puteri Intan Satu 2002 76,110 137,100

17 Puteri Firus 1997 62,719 130,000

18 Puteri Zamrud 1996 62,719 130,000

19 Puteri Nilam 1995 62,719 130,000

20 Puteri Delima 1995 62,719 130,000

21 Puteri Intan 1994 62,719 130,000

22 Tenaga Satu 1982 72,083 130,000

23 Tenaga Dua 1981 72,083 130,000

24 Tenaga Tiga 1981 72,083 130,000

25 Tenaga Empat 1981 71,588 130,000

26 Tenaga Lima 1981 71,588 130,000

27 Aman Hakata 1998 9,214 18,000

28 Aman Sendai 1997 9,220 18,000

29 Aman Bintulu 1993 9,220 18,000

Sister Ship : LNG SS Tenaga Satu,Tenaga Dua,Tenaga Tiga,Tenaga Empat, Tenaga Lima
Capacity :130 000cum
Deadweight : 72 083
Length Overall : 280m

The Tenaga class is 130 000cum LNG carrier built by CNIM, France in 1981 which had spearheaded the MISC involvement LNG business and trading.


Sister ship: LNG SS Puteri Mutiara Satu,Puteri Firus Satu,Puteri Zamrud Satu,Puteri Nilam Satu,Puteri Delima Satu,Puteri Intan Satu,
Capacity : 137 100cum
Deadweight : 76 190
Length Overall : 276m

The 'satu class' as it is known is capable of carrying approx. 137 000cum of gas.Regular trade route would be from Bintulu to Japan,Korea or Taiwan.


Sister ship : LNG SS Puteri Firus,Puteri Zamrud,Puteri Nilam,Puteri Delima,Puteri Intan
Capacity : 137 100cum
Deadweight : 76 110
Length Overall : 276m

The Puteri class or populated by MISC LNG sea staff as 'puteri kosong' were formerly owned by Petronas Tanker Snd Bhd before its ship management was handed over to MISC when Petronas aquire its share in the company.


Sister Ship : LNG SS Aman Bintulu, Aman Hakata, Aman Sendai
Capacity : 157 720cum
Deadweight : 91 201
Length Overall: 295m

The Aman class vessels, built by NKK of Japan were the smallest in MISC fleet.Fitted with GTT Mk III cargo tank, all vessel were engaged in LNG trade with Japan, carrying MLNG cargo under Asia LNG Transport Dua charter.With completion of LNG fleet expansion, MISC Bhd is currently focusing on chemical tanker and aframax tanker newbuilding programmes which set to full completion in 2012.MISC Bhd trough maritime transportation as its core business will continue to support Malaysia aspiration towards a leading maritme nation providing logistic services across the globe.


Sister Ship : LNG SS Seri Alam, Seri Amanah, Seri Anggun, Seri Angkasa, Seri Ayu, Seri Bakti, Seri Begawan, Seri Bijaksan, Seri Balhaf, Seri Balqis
Capacity : 157 000cum
Deadweight : 72 700
Length Overall : 294.6m

Built by Samsung Heavy Industries at Ulsan South Korea, the A class vessels further made MISC held firmly to its current title being the world largest owner/operator of LNG vessel together with newbuildings of the B class vessels.

The B class vessel were built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd at Nagasaki Shipyard and Machinery Works, Japan and marked as the largest LNG carrier in MISC fleet.Seri Balhaf and Seri Balqis chartered by YemenLNG is equipped with Dual Fuel Diesel Engine(DFDE) for main propulsion systems which differs from traditional steam turbine fitted on other MISC vessels. Seri Balqis marked the completion of LNG fleet expansion programme.

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