Malaysia considers new maritime institute

Monday 1 March 2010

Malaysia will consider inaugurating a new maritime institute, according to sources close to Port Klang.

According to the source, a new institute would wean dependence away from foreign seafarers and importantly to elevate the professional standing of its cohort of ABs. “They want to offer diploma and degree courses now,” the source told Baird Maritime. No plans have yet been set as to where and when the institute will be inaugurated but industry insiders are sure to concur that a domestically-situated institute is a valuable platform to save much needed foreign exchange earnings.

Malaysia has a few maritime institutes, the most notable being ALAM Maritime which operates under the patronage of MISC, the nation’s largest liner and chemical tanker operator. It is unclear if authorities will forge collaborative arrangements with other maritime institutes around the region as a means of sharing and exchanging ideas and streamlining training arrangements.

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