Frequent ask question about ALAM

1) What is ALAM?
ALAM is the abbreviation for Akademi Laut Malaysia or Malaysian Maritime Academy, a
maritime institution which trains SPM leavers to become deck officers or marine engineers
onboard merchant ships.

2) Where is ALAM situated?
ALAM Main Campus is situated at Kuala Sungai Baru, overlooking the busy straits of
Melaka; approximately 148km south of Kuala Lumpur and 152km north of Singapore.
ALAM branch campus is located at Batu Rakit, Terengganu. The Melaka campus conducts
the Diploma in Nautical Studies programme whereas the Terengganu branch campus
conducts the Diploma in Marine Engineering programme.

3) Can applicants with STPM, Diploma and Degree apply for the cadetship programme?
Yes, they are encouraged to apply as long as they meet the entry requirements.

4) Can female students join ALAM?
Yes, ALAM has opened its doors to female students since 2006. Female students now have
the same opportunity as the male students.

5) Is ALAM similar to the Royal Navy?
No, ALAM trains our students to become seagoing professionals sailing onboard merchant
ships whereas the Royal Navy trains their candidates to serve and protect the country.

6) What are the cadetship programmes offered by ALAM for SPM leavers?
• Diploma in Nautical Studies
• Diploma in Marine Engineering

7) What is the duration for the cadetship programmes?
3 years for both Diploma in Nautical Studies and Diploma in Marine Engineering

8) Are all the students studying at ALAM fully sponsored?
Yes, all students who passed the interview process, medical check up and the orientation
programme will be fully sponsored by shipping companies, government agencies, port
operators, oil/gas companies or offshore oil and gas marine support vessels operators.
However, the students who do not get sponsorship can opt to pay on their own.

9) What will the sponsorship cover?
The sponsorship will cover the tuition fees, accommodation, meals, uniform, books, monthly
allowance and the modular courses.

10) Will the students be bonded and how long is the contract?
Yes, the students will be bonded and the contract differs from one sponsor to another but in
the range of 8 – 10 years.

11) Can the students opt to self sponsor?
Yes, students who do not get sponsorship can opt to pay on their own.

12) What would be the cost if students self sponsor?
The cost for the whole duration of 3 years is RM70,000.
13) How is the interview process?
The interview process will include:-
i) Colour blind Test
ii) Written test in English Language, Mathematics and Physics
iii) Psychometric Test
iv) Structured Interview
Upon getting through the interview process and the medical check-up, the candidates will
have to undergo a 3-week Induction Programme at ALAM.

14) What is the medium for all studies at ALAM?
All studies will be in English Language.

15) Must all students sail after finishing their studies at ALAM?
It will depend on who are their sponsors. However, majority of the students will have to sail
until they have fully served their contract with the sponsors. They may opt to work shore base

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