The Bridge library is a collection of important and informative books that you need in all aspects with regards to ship’s and shipping. Among this important books are the “Admiralty Books”. I’ll enumerate them for you.

Admiralty List of Radio Signals - which is consist of six volumes

* Volume 1. Coast radio Stations

* Volume 2. Radio Aids to Navigation, Satellite Navigation System, Legal Time, Radio Time signals, Electronic Position Fixing System
* Volume 3. Maritime Safety Information
* Volume 4. Meteorological Observation Stations
* Volume 5. Global Maritime and Distress System (GMDSS)
* Volume 6. Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services, Port Operations

Catalogue of Admiralty Charts and Publications (NP 131) - it contains a detailed list of available charts and publications from UKHO.

Admiralty Notice to Mariners - published weekly and contains information for the proper update of charts and publications affected.

Cumulative List of Admiralty Notice to Mariners - this is published every January and July and contains the list of the latest issue of charts for the past two years.

Admiralty Sailing Directions - this book includes the necessary information regarding port facilities, navigation and regulations imposed locally at ports of destination, and brief demographic information about the country of your destination.

Admiralty List of Light and Fog Signals - contains information regarding light structures, light vessels, light floats, light buoys, and landbys.

Admiralty Tide Tables - Published annually in four volumes containing tidal predictions of different ports.

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