Seafrer wife loving him so much

date :18 sept 2010
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loving him without hesitate

She watches closely, as he ascends the plank, to the ship that will now become his home, She stands fast and steady against the crowds, that his voice fade not from her ears, and his love not vanish in her memory.

As he reached the ship and stood upon her deck, he raises his voice and says: Though the sea bid me leave you, It is not without regret that I do so, yet I must go. For we are the keepers of the sea, ever seeking the lonelier way, I will begin nor end no day without thoughts of you, Brief will be my days among you, and briefer still my words I have spoken, though they be from my inner seafarers soul, I go with the wind but not into emptiness.
"She listens with her heart as she stands among the crowds, watching the departing of his ship upon the sea, each one possesses the knowledge of the winds beneath his wings without complete understanding".

She turns once more towards the sea, her soul crying out to him in its silent cry, singing, how often have you sailed away in my dreams, and now in my awakening, which is deeper than within my dreams How can she depart from her pain and aloneness without regret?
She closes her eyes, and prays in the silences of her soul. How shall I depart in peace, without sorrow, not without a wound, in my spirit shall I leave this shore, sadness engulfs her, with the thoughts of her lover in her heart.

Long are her days of pain, filled with the longing of his embrace, as long will be the nights of her aloneness: Not without thoughts, of what will not be, until his return, a heart made bittersweet, with hunger and thirst. For as the sea calls all things unto herself, so shall the sea quench her hunger and thirst.

She does not walk in vain, she has said in truth, that truth shall reveal itself in a clearer voice, and in more words closer to her own thoughts, If a day is not fulfilled of her needs and her love, then let it be a promise till another day, for no sunrise will find her where sunset left her.
She stands bare foot in the sands of the evening tide as the ocean spirit speaks to her, I know your joy and your pain, if this day is not a fulfillment of your needs, and your love, then let it be a promise till another day, when the tide brings back your lover, yet again from across the sea, to greet thee with his love.

Another breath, another loving look cast toward the sea, she sets her brow, her pride rising to take its place, as she holds its treasure in her heart, for the sea knows her joy is her sorrow unmasked, with head held high, its pride seen by all, who behold her beauty and are mystified at her strength, that only the seafarer of her wanting soul understands.
These are the wisdoms held deeply in the heart of the seafarers wife.

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