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Questions about light recognition

(Q) A Pilot vessel Underway - what lights can he put out if he was Underway but not Making way
(A) None, the only time he can put navigation lights off is is he is tied to the pier, at anchor or aground

(Q) When condition of visibility would you sound the following?

(i) One short blast
(ii) Two short blasts
(iii) Three short blasts
(iv) Five or more short and rapid blasts
(v) Two prolonged blasts followed by one short
(vi) Two prolonged blasts followed by two short blasts
(vii) One prolonged blast that is sounded in a narrow channel to alert any vessels coming around a bend

(A) When vessels are in sight of one another

(Q) When do you put your navigation lights on?
(A) From Dusk till Dawn and in any conditions of restricted visibility

(Q) You see a single white light - what vessels can it be?
(A) It can be one of 6 vessels

(i) A stern light
(ii) A vessel at anchor under 50 metres in length
(iii) A power-driven vessel under 12 metres
(iv) A power-driven vessel under 7 metres with a maximum speed of less than 7 knots
(v) A Sailing vessel under 7 metres
(vi) A rowing vessel with a torch of lighted lantern

(Q) A single green light what vessel is it?
(A) A sailing vessel

(Q) How can you stop yourself from mixing up a pilot vessel with a fishing vessel engaged in fishing other than trawling?
(A) A trawler and a vessel engaged in fishing other than trawling have the coloured lights at the top - the pilots coloured light is at the bottom

(Q) A vessel engaged in towing another vessel with the tow over 200 metres - what is the arc of the top masthead light?

(A) 225 degree

(Q) What are the arcs of visibility of the bottom 2 white lights?
(A) They're both 2250

(Q) When does a pilot vessel sound 4 short blasts on the ships whistle and what is the condition of visibility?
(A) This is only sounded in restricted visibility - he can sound it whenever he want's as it's his identity signal


If overtaking another vessel in a Narrow Channel and you get no response from him for you to overtake him (his whistle may be broken for him to sound Morse "C")
He may give you the International code Flag "Charlie"

When refueling the captain wants to hear you'll put up International Code Flag "Bravo"

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