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The story of the Academy began in 1977. The need to train and prepare Malaysians for the exciting maritime industry was addressed with the establishment of a non-profit making body called MATES (Malaysian Training and Education for Seamen) Foundation. Consisting of the Malaysian International Shipping Corporation Berhad (MISC) (now known as MISC Berhad), International Shipping Carriers Hong Kong and the Malaysian Ministry of Transport as their main promoters, the foundation soon pioneered the Maritime Training Centre (MTC) in 1977.

On 15 August 1981, MTC was subsequently upgraded to academy status and thus named ALAM, short for Akademi Laut Malaysia (Malaysian Maritime Academy). On 1 January 1997, ALAM was privatised to Malaysian Maritime Academy Sdn Bhd (MMA).

ALAM, the nation's premier maritime education and training establishment, has since been designated as a Branch Campus of the World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden and has also established formal alliances with other leading maritime education and training institutions in Australia, Norway, The Netherlands, Singapore and The United States of America.

As we seek for a positive avenue for future growth and success, we continue to establish partnerships that will propel us forward as aspirants of world-class maritime education excellence.

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saya telah mendapat 5credit dalam bm,bi,maths,science dan perdagangan boleh tak sy layak masuk ALAM??

Sila refer kepada soal jawa bersama Admin ( ALAM FAQ)
Pertanyaan lebih jelas hantarkan email kepada

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how to apply?
when the application form available?
am 22 years old and turning to 23 on september next year, is it possible for me to apply ALAM.??
please3,i dont have enough time, my age become old to join alam

mana application form?? sye x jmp pun.......urgent

If your blog will be in English it will be good for me.

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