Visit to Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM)

19 May 2010

A MIMA delegation led by Director General, Dr. Pola Singh visited Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM) or Malaysian Maritime Academy, the country's premier maritime education and training institution on 19 May 2010. The objective of the meeting was to strengthen the cordial ties which have existed between MIMA and ALAM and to learn about the academy's roles in developing human capital in the shipping sector and the programs it offers.
Established in 1977, ALAM has grown from strength to strength and enjoys a reputation for offering high-quality Cadet training programs and excellent courses for the shipping industry. As a measure of the quality of its curriculum, ALAM has been accredited with the accredited with the DNV SeaSkill Certification for the Nautical Studies and Marine Engineering courses, and has developed strategic alliances with reputable international maritime institutions and organisations. Such international recognition provides testimony to the academy's tireless efforts to provide a disciplined and regimented professional education system. Such a system encourages ALAM students to learn, lead, strategise and adapt in equipping them with optimal competency and preparing them for a reputable career in the maritime industry.

ALAM's cadets in full concentration during a laboratory session. Among today's students at the academy will emerge tomorrow's seafarers and captains of the industry

During the meeting, a discussion was held with ALAM's top management led by its amicable and dynamic CEO, Mr. Adthisaya Ganesen. Several ideas for MIMA and ALAM to work together to address issues relating to human capital development in Malaysia's shipping industry and to promote seafaring to Malaysians as an attractive profession were explored. The MIMA delegation was also taken on a tour of ALAM's scenic campus by the Straits of Malacca which include visits to its state-of-the-art Simulation Centre which features full-mission Ship Handling Simulator, Engine Room Simulator and Liquid Cargo Operations Simulator.

Mr. Adthisaya Ganesen, ALAM's CEO (right) explaining the engine-room simulation system at the Engine Room Simulator Laboratory

It certainly was an eye-opening visit to the 'nerve centre of maritime excellence' that has produced many of Malaysia's finest merchant shipping seamen and women. The visit ended on a positive note with Dr. Pola and Mr. Ganesen expressing their commitment to get MIMA and ALAM to collaborate in areas relating to maritime education and training for the betterment of the Malaysian shipping sector and maritime industry.

The MIMA delegation with ALAM's senior management

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